Managing Customer Profitability


A good friend of mine, former colleague, and current client, Mike Friedl, authored a great article that was published in the December 2008 issue of the Journal of Accountancy. The article provides detailed steps on how to manage customer profitability.

I believe firmly in continued strategic evaluation of business practices. It just doesn’t make sense to simply focus on the top line, but to make sure you are intentional about running your business smartly, and focus on those clients that are profitable and enjoyable. This article does a great job at detailing out the logical steps in response to the famous “80/20 Rule”.

You can find the article here:


2 Responses to “Managing Customer Profitability”

  1. Paul Nienow Says:

    Just a quick aside about Mike. Mike is a great guy, a current client, and a guy I share a love of baseball and running with. Today I ran the Southern California half marathon, and Mike was there and looked for me at mile 12 to help pace me to a great time (for me). Thanks Mike!

  2. Michael Says:

    My pleasure on both counts. Thanks for the “props” on the article and the race! Great time, by the way.

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