Economic Problems Contributing to Child Endangerment


Some of you may know that I serve on the Orange County Board of Trustees of an organization called Olive Crest.  Olive Crest is dedicated to preventing child abuse, to treating and educating at-risk children and to preserving the family.  It accomplishes this mission through various programs and initiatives.  You can learn more at their website:

I recently received the following note from Donald Verleur, the CEO of Olive Crest:

“Attached is a heartbreaking report released yesterday that 5 children are dying each day in the United State from child abuse – and those are only the confirmed cases.  Just 3 years ago, it was reported that 3 children lost their lives each day due to the injuries sustained from abuse.  We need to stop this trend! 

Research demonstrates that increased stress on the family can lead to neglect and abuse.  This significant jump in child deaths appears to correlate with the socioeconomic challenges facing today’s families.  It is horrific to think that our society is not taking action, but turning its back on its future generation.  If we want to make lives better in our communities, we need to act now.  And, we have the answer – a strong family!  We believe that Strong Families result in Safe Kids. 

Whether strengthening the family of origin through family preservation or education, providing foster and adoptive families, or providing a safe family for families in crisis, Olive Crest will be able to help stop the alarming trend of abuse by creating stronger families.

Most state child welfare agencies are inundated and are only able to address the most severe and blatant episodes of abuse, leaving thousands of children and their families at risk.  Olive Crest’s continuum of services, including our new Safe Families For Children program that works independent of the state child welfare system, is designed to strengthen the family and help keep kids safe. 

Please spread the word within your community, family, faith, and business networks.  Again, thank you for all you do for Olive Crest and for standing with us in the fight against child abuse.”

The full report can be found here:

As we approach the time of year when many of us begin to project our income taxes and make plans to minimize them, would you consider Olive Crest as part of your charitable giving?  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, as i would be happy to help you learn ways you can support Olive Crest with your time, treasure and talents.


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