Client Spotlight: Arctic Leasing & the Anema Family


Nienow & Tierney, LLP is excited to highlight our client Arctic Leasing and the Anema family.  The Anema family has been in the used truck sales business in Bellflower for over 60 years and operates under the name J & J Truck Sales, which is located off the 91 freeway in Bellflower. 

In recent years due to changes in government regulations, the sale of used trucks and trailers has slowed dramatically.  It was in 2007 that the family started an offshoot called Arctic Leasing with another business partner.   This business leases out refrigerated trailers to grocery or other retail stores and also has a freezer service division.  Trailer rentals run anywhere from a few days to a few years in duration with a high volume of rentals during the holiday months.  The business started in 2007 with four partners and $1,342 in revenues.  The company’s profits have steadily increased along with the number of trailers in service and service accounts, and as of December 2011 the company’s yearly revenues were around $777,000.  They also just opened up a second facility in Ontario which will accommodate outside truck/trailer parking as well.

We are excited to see the progress this company has made over the past few years and applaud them at finding an underserved niche in their industry.

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