Client Spotlight: Powerstride Battery


logoWe are pleased this quarter to spotlight our client, Powerstride Battery.  Powerstride Battery is a California-based global distributor of batteries and battery-related products for the automotive, commercial, industrial, golf, RV, marine, telecommunications, and high technology markets. They distribute their products through their warehouses to retail customers, wholesale customers and through their internet store.

Rick Alvord purchased Powerstride Battery in 1995. At that time the company had eight small warehouses. They now have eleven sales divisions and nine warehouses located throughout California.

Powerstride’s growth has been due, in part, to the acquisition of several smaller companies during the past seventeen years. The company has also seen increased growth as a result of upgrading some of the services they offer. Rick indicated that they have grown their Palm Desert location by changing their focus from not only selling golf cart batteries but to building custom golf cars, selling new cars, servicing cars and selling reconditioned cars.

Powerstride’s sales have grown almost 4.5 times since Rick Alvord purchased the business in 1995. When asked the secret of his success, Rick stated that “God has blessed the business and we are thankful. I believe God owns all of this and so we are faithfully working each day to follow what he has called us to do.” Rick also indicated that they have a great leadership team and they work to empower the staff to do the best they can and encourage them to find ways to bring value to the company.

We are proud to work with companies like Powerstride Battery and strive to help further their vision of success. To find out more about Powerstride Battery’s products and services, please visit


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