Farewell to Melinda Mergelsberg


Nienow & Tierney, LLP would like to inform you that senior accountant Melinda Mergelsberg will be leaving our office on Friday, July 19.  Many of you know Melinda, who has worked at Nienow & Tierney, LLP since 2005.  Last year, Melinda moved to Florida and continued working for us remotely, but is now transitioning to an accounting firm that is local to her new home.  Melinda has been a valuable employee and treasured friend to all at our office and will be greatly missed.  To assist with this transition, Melinda will continue to receive emails until July 31.  If you have any questions about projects that she has worked on for you in the past, or if you would simply like to express your farewell wishes to her, feel free to send an email to melinda@ntcpas.com.  Effective August 1, please contact Katy Allen with any questions or concerns at katy@ntcpas.com or 714-836-8300 x16.

We wish Melinda the best in her new position!

Melinda and Family Easter 2013

Melinda, Bo, Brady & Earl


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